Wireless network planning & simulation software

Support multiple wireless networks. Measure, plan, survey, visualise, analyse and troubleshoot. For general connectivity, high mobility, established and cutting edge technologies, etc.

    With EMSlice you can:

    • Plan a wireless network, predicting coverage and performance before building the actual network.
    • Simulate the propagation of radiation through the environment of interest, and so predicting the behavior and performance of the system.
    • Work with established and new cutting edge technologies
    • model behavior of moving network components and a dynamic changing physical environment.
    • Importing design data from design documents, GIS data sources, 3d models, and .csv files. Export network configuration and simulated & measured network coverage & performance.
    • Use the Python interface to take greater control over the network simulation.

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What is wireless network planning software?

A network planning tool such as EMSlice will let you design multiple wireless networks in an indoor, urban or rural environment including wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G, emergency and first responder networks etc. The coverage of those networks can be calculated based on a set of propagation and path loss calculations. Various network parameters can be changed to adjust/ improve the expected coverage and performance as needed.

An urban network plan can be based on measurement or simulation.

Why is wireless network planning software important?

Wireless network design and installation is becoming more and more complex and expensive with multiple high density networks becoming more and more common, especially in modern, dense urban and smart city environments where the coexistence of multiple wireless technologies is becoming more and more common place.

Wireless network planning is important in such scenarios to ensure the required wireless technologies are providing the coverage and services required.

How does wireless network planning software work?

A simulated network plan is built by creating a model of the area of interest including buildings, walls, etc, and to that model adding radio transmitters such as WiFi access points/ base stations etc. From that model, a wireless signal heatmap can be calculated to visualize the expected signal strength (RSSI) throughout the area of interest.

The simulation is completed by a combination of ray tracing and path loss calculations among others.

The results can be viewed visually as a heatmap throughout the area, or by viewing the propagation path between transmitters and receivers/ test points. The calculation results can also be exported to .csv files for post processing and further analysis.

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Click here for options to get our EM Simulation Software for simulation, modelling & analysis.

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