Indoor WiFi

  • Indoor WiFi network design, planning, heatmapping, test & surveying, analysis.
  • 2.4 & 5 GHz, small & large environments, minimal & enterprise-scale wireless networks.

Urban WiFi

  • Urban WiFi network design, survey, heatmapping and analysis.
  • Importing & exporting OSM & CSV data
  • Python interface for further data processing, post-processing, visualization & analysis

Wireless networks – WiFi, cellular, mmWave, smart cities

  • Multiple wireless networks in urban environments.
  • 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, LTE, mmWave, emergency services.
  • Smart Cities, high mobility, V2V, V2X.
  • Indoor & urban environments.
  • System design, modelling and analysis

Antenna systems

  • Basic antenna radiation patterns
  • Imported from pattern file, or from script
  • Antenna array modelling & analysis
  • Properties exported from simulation to pattern files.

Metamaterials – design, modelling, analysis

  • Element array and Metamaterial design & modelling
  • characterization, optimization & analysis

Optical systems

  • Optical System design, modelling and analysis
  • Optical elements including lenses, mirrors, waveguides, etc

Dynamic Indoor Networks

  • Simulating dynamic indoor wireless environments for communication and other applications.

Dynamic Urban Networks

  • Simulating dynamic urban wireless environments for communication and other applications.

High Speed Rail Networks

  • Simulating high speed rail connectivity for communication and stability analysis.

Rural Networks

  • Simulating wireless rural networks for general and emergency communication.

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