Antenna System design

Simulation and modelling of antenna properties and configuration.

With EMSlice you can:

  • Simulate an antenna’s behavior and radiation pattern, based on the antenna’s shape and structure or imported from file.
  • Work with standard antenna types including monopole, dipole, directional, patch, loop, etc
  • Predict the behavior of an array of antenna elements.

What is Antenna modelling software?

Antenna modeling software such as EMSlice uses the size, shape, orientation and properties of an antenna to predict the antenna’s performance. The properties can be specified in EMSlice in several ways:

  • From common shapes, such as monopole, dipole, patch, etc
  • Imported from a pattern file

What else is possible?

  • For heatmapping of networks in outdoor/ urban or rural areas click here
  • For heatmapping of networks other than WiFi click here
  • For all applications click here
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