Electromagnetic Simulation Software

EMSlice is an EM Simulation Software tool supporting the design, analysis, testing and evaluation of systems involving EM Radiation. Including optical, radio communications, radar, antenna systems, etc.

EM Simulation Software is essential to design and develop new technologies including wireless communication systems, optical and radar technologies and innovative antenna systems. EMSlice is used to design wireless network deployments and predict their performance before their installation. Also EMSlice is used to measure and analyze the performance of systems after installation for maintenance and performance validation.

With EM Simulation Software you can:

  • Plan, measure, survey and characterize WiFi networks.
  • Design, plan and characterize indoor & outdoor wireless networks.
  • Perform heatmapping, visualization and analysis of installed and planned wireless networks.
  • Work with WiFi, GSM, LTE & 5GNR (sub-6GHz & mmWave) and other technologies.
  • Work with optical, antenna and meta-material design & evaluation.
  • Design and develop new systems and technologies.

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EMSlice supports:

  • Small & large scale indoor and outdoor wireless networks
  • Multiple technologies including WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5GNR, LTE, etc
  • Optical systems including lenses, mirrors, etc
  • Antenna and radar systems
  • Importing floorplan images, Openstreetmap data, 3d models, .csv data
  • Import from & export to .csv files
  • Device arrays, meta-materials and intelligent reflective surfaces (IRS)
  • Modelling of moving/ mobile components

EMSlice includes:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Ray tracing and fdtd solvers
  • A python interface for greater control and expansion capability

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EM Simulation Software Applications:

Indoor WiFi

  • Indoor WiFi network design, planning, heatmapping, test & surveying, analysis.
  • 2.4 & 5 GHz, small & large environments, minimal & enterprise-scale networks.

Urban WiFi

  • Urban WiFi network design, survey, heatmapping and analysis.
  • Importing & exporting OSM & CSV data
  • Python interface for further data processing, post-processing, visualization & analysis

Wireless networks – WiFi, cellular, mmWave, smart cities

  • Multiple wireless networks in urban environments.
  • 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, LTE, mmWave, emergency services.
  • Smart Cities, high mobility, V2V, V2X.
  • Indoor & urban environments.
  • System design, modelling and analysis

Antenna systems

  • Basic antenna radiation patterns
  • Imported from pattern file, or from script
  • Antenna array modelling & analysis
  • Properties exported from simulation to pattern files.

Metamaterials – design, modelling, analysis

  • Element array and Metamaterial design & modelling
  • characterization, optimization & analysis

Optical systems

  • Optical System design, modelling and analysis
  • Optical elements including lenses, mirrors, waveguides, etc

Other EMSlice applications include:

  • Mobile Indoor networks
  • Mobile Urban Networks
  • High speed rail networks
  • Rural Networks

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