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Wireless network planning & optical system modelling

A simulation framework for engineers, scientists and technicians

EM SLICE is a design, planning and modelling tool for communication networks, and optical systems and technology.

EM Slice designs WiFi, LTE & 5GNR (sub-6GHz & mmWave) networks & models their signal propagation.

EM Slice allows you to design and test a wireless network deployment, evaluate a network’s configuration parameters, predict a network’s performance under different conditions, and validate a deployment plan before investing in equipment or making changes to existing assets.

EM Slice allows you to design and test optical and antenna systems and technology, evaluate design decisions, to predict and optimize system performance.

EM Slice does this by simulating the propagation of the EM radiation through the physical system’s geometry. This is achieved by executing our FDTD & Ray Tracing solvers within our processing engine. Calculation results are then further processed to deliver to you the performance parameters that you need.

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EM Slice v00.16.03 is available now.

For a brief demo of indoor wireless network modelling, please view the video:

EM Slice can design wifi, 4G or 5G networks.

EM Slice can be applied to indoor or outdoor environments.

EM Slice can model stationary, mobile (V2V/ V2X) or high speed (HSR) scenarios.

For a brief demo of modelling of an urban mobility scenario, please see the video:

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