Indoor coverage planning

Urban coverage planning

Propagation modelling

Antenna Systems

Optical Systems

Wireless network planning & measurement and optical system modelling

A simulation framework for engineers, scientists and technicians

EM SLICE is a design, planning and modelling tool for communication networks, and optical systems and technologies.

For options on how to get EM Slice v00.17.13 today, see EM Slice SOLUTIONS


  • Supports the design and deployment of radio communication systems.
  • Supports the measurement & survey of radio communication systems.
  • Supports WiFi, LTE & 5GNR (sub-6GHz & mmWave) technologies.
  • Allows network design, evaluation & performance prediction before installation.
  • Supports optical and antenna systems & technology design & evaluation.
  • Simulates signal propagation through FDTD & Ray Tracing solvers.
  • Allows greater control, customization & experimentation through a Python scripting API.

For indoor or urban communication networks, see our INDOOR and URBAN planning pages.

For radio propagation modelling an analysis, see our PROPAGATION page.

For optical system modelling and analysis, see our OPTICAL page.

For antenna modelling and analysis, see our ANTENNA page.

For a brief demo of indoor & urban wireless network modelling, please view the video:

For a brief demo of modelling of an urban mobility scenario, please see the video:

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