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What is EMSlice?

EM SLICE is a design, planning and modelling tool for communication networks, and optical systems and technologies.

For options on how to get EM Slice v00.17.19 today, see EM Slice SOLUTIONS

What will EMSlice do?

EMSlice will:

  • Plan and survey wifi networks.
  • Design, plan and characterize indoor & outdoor wireless networks.
  • Support WiFi, GSM, LTE & 5GNR (sub-6GHz & mmWave) technologies.
  • Support optical and antenna systems & technology design & evaluation.
  • Support the design and development of new wireless technologies.

How does EMSlice work?

  • EMSlice has an intuitive user interface
  • EMSlice allows indoor & outdoor environments to be designed and modelled in 2d & 3d
  • EMSlice includes ray tracing and fdtd solvers as part of a simulation capability.
  • EMSlice performs calculation and post-processing operations on radio and optical systems.
  • EMSlice includes a python interface for greater control and extension of a simulation.
  • EMSlice allows visual display of simulation results, and export to .csv data files.

For example?

For indoor communication networks, see our Indoor WIFI and Indoor Networks pages.

For urban communication networks, see our Urban networks page.

For antenna modelling and analysis, see our ANTENNA page.

For optical system modelling and analysis, see our OPTICAL page.

For a brief demo of indoor & urban wireless network modelling, please view the video:

Try EMSlice yourself?

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For a brief demo of indoor & urban wireless network modelling, please view the video:

For a brief demo of modelling of an urban mobility scenario, please see the video: