2D & 3D ray tracing & FDTD simulation solvers
intuitive user interface
python scripting interface
linux & windows support in 32 & 64 bit (MAC support coming soon)

wireless network planning & channel modelling

  • prediction of signal power, path loss, propagation delay, impulse response, direction of departure & arrival, etc
  • freespace, ITU, WINNERII & WINNER+ pathloss options
  • reflection, refraction, diffraction & scattering modelled
  • openstreetmap data import into urban cell simulation
  • image (floorplan) import into indoor hotspot simulation

Antennas & propagation

  • radiation pattern as omni, dipole, beam width, from script or from pattern file
  • phased antenna arrays

optical systems

  • 3d model import
  • moving components
  • arbitrary rotation & translation

under development

  • expanded materials & equipment database
  • complete implementation of industry standard wireless channel models
  • improved FDTD & ray tracing engines
  • system optimisation
  • matlab interface
  • cloud support

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