Propagation Simulation & Modelling

EM SLICE simulates the propagation of EM Radiation with time-domain (FDTD) and ray tracing solvers.

EM SLICE ray tracing propagation is applied to optical and RF systems, where rays are emitted from point or plane wave sources and interact with the objects & interfaces in their environment. These interactions include:
diffuse scattering

EM SLICE time-domain (FDTD) propagation can be applied to different scenarios from a basic dipole in 2d, to more complex MIMO and other systems. Our FDTD solver is under further development. If there’s something that you’re interested in, let us know at <>

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This is an example of EM Slice modelling the diffraction of radiation at a corner, through the ray tracing engine.

KED diffraction

This is the same diffraction example as the upper example, but showing the effect of the kinfe-edge diffraction model on the strength of the radiated power.

Dipole array in 3D

This simulation of a phased dipole array evaluated in a 3D FDTD volume can be tailored to many different systems. Custom source layouts and waveforms are also possible by using the python interface.

Dipole in 2d

This simulation is of a basic dipole transmitting in a 2D plane, evaluated using the FDTD solver.

Graded Index Waveguide

This ray tracing simulation is of a graded index waveguide, where the refractive index of the material varies linearly as a function of distance from the central axis.