Optical Ray Tracing/ Ray Launching


Why is ray tracing important?

Optical system design, prototyping, construction and testing can be a complex and costly process. Obtaining, assembling and testing equipment can be time consuming and large or small changes to the system may incur significant added costs and delays to the development of an optical system.
Optical ray tracing allows an optical system to be designed, tested and validated before incurring the cost and complexity of purchasing and configuring equipment etc.
Optical ray tracing is helpful in the design of different types of technologies, such as optical systems (lenses, mirrors, etc), high frequency radio technologies such as terrahertz communications or radar systems, lidar systems, among others.

What will EMSlice do?

EMSlice will allow you to simulate the behavior of optical systems involving planar/ point sources, lenses, mirrors, waveguides, and 3d models from file, both stationary and moving.

How does EMSlice work?

EMSlice will provides a point-and-click user interface through which you can design the optical system you require.
Once the system is designed, EMSlice will run a set of calculations based on the system components’ parameters, configuration and positioning to determine the system’s performance.

For example?

Above on this page, is an example of a basic telescope simulation in EMSlice.

Try EMSlice yourself?

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