Indoor Networks

Indoor WiFi, LTE, 5G planning

EMSlice is used to design indoor wireless communication networks, and troubleshoot performance issues by the following steps:

  • Load into EMSlice the floorplan or design of your building.
  • Select the type of network you are interested in.
  • Select where you wish to place wireless access points or base stations.
  • EMSlice then runs a calculation to determine what signal power (RSSI) sent from the access points is received at receivers at different places in the building.
  • The received signal power is shown as a heatmap in the main window.

EMSlice can design WIFI or LTE networks with the standard frequencies of wifi, 4G, 5G as set out in the ITU specifications.

For a brief demo of indoor wireless network modeling, please view the video, and the images below:

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Wireless network plan

This is network plan covers a small-sized building, with one wifi access point operating in the 2.4GHz band.

Indoor Propagation Modeling

Indoor propagation modeling and analysis includes consideration of power lost by transmission through, and reflection by each wall, window, floor, etc.

Multi-path, and tracking of direction of departure (DOD) and direction of arrival (DOA) is also crucial for many wireless system technologies & applications.

These characteristics, as well as diffraction, scattering (not pictured here) and others, are essential for complex wireless system design and analysis.