Indoor WiFi

Indoor WiFi, Hotspot planning & Heatmapper


Why is WiFi network planning & heatmapping important?

Planning a WiFi network allows you to predict the coverage and performance of the network before the network cables and access points/ hotspots etc are purchased, installed and activated. Possible issues with coverage and stability can be predicted and accounted for beforehand, this reduces the risk of problems after the network is installed and activated.

Heatmapping allows you to measure the signal strength of an installed WiFi network and other networks throughout the environment of interest. The measurement and mapping gives a clear indication of the WiFi signal strength and coverage of the network of interest, as well as other networks in the area. This information will help diagnose issues with connectivity, stability and performance which is very helpful in identifying and resolving such issues.

What will EMSlice do?

EMSlice will allow you to design the environment and the WiFi network to be installed, and predict the coverage and performance of that network before cables and hotspots etc have been purchased, installed and activated.

EMSlice will also allow you to measure the resulting performance of the WiFi network once installed, to validate the design and identify possible issues that may arise with layout, hotspot configuration, positioning, etc.

How does EMSlice work?

EMSlice will accept an image (jpg, png, etc) as the floorplan of a building to accept a network design. With that floorplan as a guide, EMSlice will allow you to either:

Design the environment to deploy the network into, and then to add, move and configure the wifi hotspots as needed to achieve the coverage/ performance desired.

  • Network performance is predicted from simulations and calculations from the designed environment and hotspot positions and parameters. The simulation includes a combination of ray tracing, propagation modelling, power loss calculations and post-processing to create the final result.
  • The result of the predicted network performance is then given visually as a heatmap image, and can be exported into a .csv file for further analysis as necessary.

Measure the available wifi networks at multiple locations within and around the building, from builtin and/or attached (by USB, etc) wifi interfaces.

  • EMSlice does this buy accessing the available wifi interfaces (builtin, USB, etc) on your computer (laptop, etc) and asking them to scan for available wifi networks. For each network found, relevant information is captured such as channel, frequency, signal strength, data rate, security protocol, etc.
  • The available networks can then be saved against a particular location in the building area.
  • Once multiple scans are done in the network area, issues will be clear regarding for example where the WiFi signal may be too low for suitable connectivity, performance, etc.

For example?

Below is a brief video of an indoor wifi network plan and survey demonstrating how to:

  • start an indoor wifi plan
  • setup the building’s structure (walls, doors, windows, etc)
  • perform the WiFi coverage survey
  • perform the WiFi coverage prediction
  • compare the prediction and survey results

Try EMSlice yourself?

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