Antenna Modelling


Why is Antenna modelling important?

To transmit or receive wireless communication, an antenna behaves as an interface between an electronic transmitter or receiver circuit and the broader environment. The antenna parameters such as size, shape, orientation etc will impact how a transmitter or receiver will behave.
Antenna modelling will allow you to predict how an antenna design or configuration will behave in simulation, without testing the actual antenna in the intended application or scenario.

What will EMSlice do?

EMSlice will allow you to simulate the behavior of antenna systems in isolation or in array configurations to predict the behavior of those systems in real world scenarios.

How does EMSlice work?

EMSlice will provides a point-and-click user interface through which you can design the antenna system you require.
Once the antenna is designed, EMSlice will run a set of calculations based on the antenna’s size, shape, configuration and positioning to determine the antenna’s performance.

For example?

Above on this page is an example of a radiation pattern imported from a file into EMSlice
Below is an example of a radiation pattern calculated for a square array of dipole antennas

Try EMSlice yourself?

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